Erica Ortner


Erica graduated from Colorado State University with a B.S. in Interior Design.

With nearly a decade of residential and commercial design experience, she knows how to ask the right questions to better understand her client, translate their vision, and make their dream project a reality. Erica is as comfortable manipulating a space plan as she is producing 3-D renderings to help visualize an interior space. Her one-of-a-kind designs are tailored to each client, allowing their unique personalities to shine through.

“HighCraft is organized to the tee, making it easy for me to do my job and easy to know what you’re getting as a client. HighCraft prioritizes planning up front, which honors the client’s time and budget, and results in fewer surprises along the way. ” – Erica

LIKES: Music, the smell of fresh cut hay, authenticity, organized job sites, and playing St. Anne’s Reel on her fiddle.

DISLIKES: Snakes, fake-scented candles, forgetting words mid-sentence, and bad coffee.

More than meets the eye:
Erica grew up on a cattle ranch in the sunny Smith Valley of western Nevada where her family was at the forefront of organic hay and beef production. Erica spent many weekends selling their organic beef and vegetables at the local farmer’s market, and attributes her strong work ethic to how she was raised on the land. She may be a farm girl at heart, but Erica has a keen eye for the latest design trends, and can play just about any musical instrument.