Dana Leisy

HighCraft Builders Dana Leisy Office Administrator

Dana is the friendly face behind the front desk at HighCraft. And if you call the office, you can hear the smile in her voice as she greets you on the other line. Dana is the multi-tasking dynamo who keeps the phones answered, the office organized, and the entire team fueled with the support and supplies needed to get the job done.

“I’m excited to come to work every day because I work with the best people. They are true to themselves, super supportive, kind-hearted REAL people. That’s who my coworkers are all the time; that’s the culture at HighCraft.” – Dana

LIKES: Football, IPAs, children and animals, providing fantastic customer service, baking cookies, live music, restoring Midcentury furniture, and hiking with her dog Mojo.

DISLIKES: Eating meat and going to the dentist. She would rather do anything than go to the dentist (except maybe eat a steak).

More than meets the eye:
Dana studied at City College in her home town of Seattle, as well as Santa Monica College in California. An adventurous spirit, she worked as a preschool teacher in Hangzhou, China, for one year where she learned basic Mandarin and hiked part of the Great Wall. After visiting friends in Denver, Dana decided to pack up and move to Colorado. And after spending time in Fort Collins, she fell in love with its friendly people and decided to call the Choice City home. Fort Collins reminds her of how down-to-earth Seattle used to be when she was a kid … with an added bonus: 300 days of sunshine each year!

“From the receptionist who always made us feel special to the owners. Everyone is always respectful and a joy to work with.” – Lance and Kimberlee