Dan Jager

Dan has been with HighCraft Builders since 2016. He’s a second-generation professional painter with more than 40 years of experience in both interior and exterior painting and staining. Dan puts his meticulous nature to work on every project, and uses high quality products and equipment to get the job done right. Whether painting walls, trim, ceilings or exterior surfaces, Dan is dedicated to minimizing disruptions and keeping your home neat and clean as he gives it a fresh and protective finish.

“HighCraft is a fantastic company that really takes care of its clients and people.” – Dan

LIKES: Basketball, being on time, classic rock and making people happy.

DISLIKES: Shellfish, getting dirty and sloppy workmanship.

More than meets the eye:
Before moving to Colorado, Dan lived in San Diego for 40 years where he played electric guitar, acoustic guitar and a four-string banjo in two different bands, including a Dixieland Jazz group. He’s also a competitive steel-tipped dart player with quite a few trophies to his name.

“Thanks to all for a job well done. And, also, a shoutout to Dan for the great paint/stain job on our project.” – Bob and Rosemary