Alex Inman MSCM

Alex has been with HighCraft Builders  since 2014. He has a B.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan and earned his M.S. in Construction Management from Florida International University in Miami. Alex bends over backward to make sure clients don’t get hit with any surprises and are completely happy with the outcome of their project. He’s thorough, well-rounded, and believes anything is possible with the right attitude and effort. Other project managers appreciate having him on their team because he works with integrity and always gives 100% effort – for the team and the client.

“High Craft is a remarkable company to work for and with. They offer the very best service to all of their clients because everybody here has an ‘every client, every time’ commitment to excellence that I haven’t seen anywhere else.” – Alex

LIKES: Hitting the open road, reading industry news like there’s a test coming up, eureka moments, the Oxford comma, and Cuban coffee sin azucar.

DISLIKES: Political bumper stickers on cars from 4+ years ago, the saying “because that’s how it’s always been done,” and selfish behavior.

More than meets the eye:
Alex took a road trip on his motorcycle from the Florida Keys to Los Angeles and back again. His favorite TV show since he was four years old is This Old House, and his first two goldfish were named Bob and Vila. He was born in Colorado, and after a long detour to Michigan and Florida he’s finally back home.

“Alex was great! He communicated so well during the construction project, and provided expectations that were always on target. Alex took so many extra steps to make the experience better … I was always comfortable with Alex running the show at our home, he did a wonderful job!” – Matt and Lynette